The initiative is powered by GET WELL.

Get well is a unique product! Join the team and support injured riders. 0,50 PLN  from the sales of each isotonic drink goes for the rehabilitation of injured riders.

Created to help

#GET WELL is a product created to help, and even when the emotions subside fans can still support their idols.

Fair Play

With the sporting spirit fans have a chance to do something to help those who give them sporting emotions often risking their own life. Sport is joy, endorphins, and positive emotions. All that is embodied by the #GetWell brand.

Long distance solution

You can help on everyday basis, doing next to nothing. Each time you reach for your favourite isotonic drink, the money goes to support your idols.

The best ingredients

#GetWell is a product fulfilling the requirements of a professional isotonic drink, with all the necessary elements including: sodium iodide, chlorine, potassium, calcium, magnesium, as well as vitamin B6, niacin B3 and vitamin B5, E, C, pantothenic acid, biotin B7, glucose, and maltodextrin.
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#GetWell is a product you can trust.

Clear rules

#GetWell has nothing to hide! You can check who manages the brand, how much money has been collected and what the money has been used for.

Active ambasators

#GetWell gained wide support not only among sport amateurs but also those who provide emotions, not only in sport. See who joined the initiative.Sprawdź kto dołączył do akcji >>>

Everywhere you need it

We are continually working on increasing the number of #GetWell points of sale. Check which shops have it on offer HERE.

Positive Campaign

Sport is a fair play and positive emotions and so is the #GetWell brand. We show effects according to the rule that one can do little but together we can move the mountain.

History of the tag

#GetWell stems from a natural and spontaneously created #GW social movement.

Product with an idea

We offer to sport lovers a product connected with their hobby, thanks to which they can support ideas that are important for them. Lets stay in shape for us and the others!


Join the team#GetWell


Join the team #GetWell Darcy!

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